I miss staying up all night

Minding my own stuffs


Where my head is empty

But my soul is free



sad life

I’m tired.

I really do not feel like talking.

I can smile. I can laugh. And I can give you all the reactions you want.

But I’m not listening. I’m not paying attention.

I’m not living in this moment.

My soul is not here. I’m empty.


I just want to disappear.






One Day I Will Fly

One Day I Will Fly

Fly me anywhere.

Anywhere but here.

Participated in this 2015 Nando’s Art Initiative the other day and was luckily selected as one of the finalists (there are around 80 of them). Although couldn’t make it further to the top but this art piece was unexpectedly chosen for Nando’s Art Initiative 2015 Art Exhibition. At the meantime, it went through a silent auction.

I’m so glad someone out there appreciated this.

This is what it looks like. Enjoy!